DIGITAL BAND PLAN FOR VHF/UHF (guide-not official)

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DIGITAL BAND (guide-not official) PLAN FOR VHF/UHF

This is NOT an official band plan but a guide for most “normal” digital activity and areas will vary in different places so please use common courtesy and if you are unsure ask local operators and or listen…..but never run digital on the SSB/CW calling frequencies or the EME sub bands

 6 Meters

50.060-50.080 CW Beacons (unattended sub-band)
50.080-50.100 CW QSO’s
50.100-50.125 DX Window
50.110 DX Calling Frequency
50.125 North American SSB Calling Frequency
50.133-50.430 Voice Nets
50.255 FSK441 lower practical limit for most QSO’s
50.260 FSK441 Calling Frequency
50.265 JT-65
50.285 FSK441 upper practical limit for most QSO’s
50.290 PSK31 (USB)
50.291 Prop NET (with +1500hz PSK audio)
50.293 WSPR
50.300 or 50.700 RTTY?
50.620 Packet Calling Frequency
50.680 SSTV

 2 Meters

144.00-144.05 EME (CW)
144.05-144.06 Propagation beacons (old band plan)
144.06-144.10 General CW and weak signals
144.10-144.20 EME and weak-signal SSB
144.140 WSJT FSK441/JT44 calling frequency
144.110 to 144.160 WSJT FSK441 or JT44 (around this area)
144.131 Prop Net +1500hz PSK audio)
144.200 National SSB calling frequency
144.20-144.30 General SSB operation, upper sideband
144.275-144.300 New beacon band
2 Meters FM Digital modes
145.500 SSTV (National SSTV Simplex FM Frequency)
145.550 FM PSK31, Hellschreiber

 70 Centimeters

420.00-426.00 ATV repeater or simplex
421.25 MHz video carrier control links and experimental
426.00-432.00 ATV simplex with 427.250 MHz video carrier frequency
432.00-432.07 EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
432.07-432.08 Propagation beacons (old band plan)
432.08-432.10 Weak-signal CW
432.100 70 cm calling frequency
432.150 SSB PSK
432.10-433.00 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work
432.30-432.40 New beacon band
441.000 Packet Calling Frequency

Clayton/Henry County working Frequencies –

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Frequency (PL Tone)


146.170- (146.2)

KJ4KPY repeater. Clayton County operations if unlinked.

145.170- (146.2)

KI4FVI repeater. Henry County operations if unlinked.

444.875+ (100.0)

KE4UAS repeater. Henry County EOC, Main tactical repeater.


D-Star repeater. operational


Club VHF simplex frequency. (where no repeater/or repeater down)


CARE Simplex ( on station work freq)


Club VHF D-Star simplex frequency.


Club UHF simplex frequency.


Club UHF D-star simplex frequency.


VHF national calling frequency.


UHF national calling frequency.


Auxiliary Georgia ARES/RACES net.

444.600+ (77.0)

National Weather Service SKYWARN link.


Data channel/metro wide

Metro Atlanta is picking a simplex frequency


Georgia ARES Simplex


Georgia ARES monthly report for January, 2013

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Georgia ARES monthly report for January, 2013
Reported by: Clayton County EC, Roy Baker, AJ4GT
Report ID# 5842. Report submitted by: AJ4GT, Roy Baker – EC

Total number of ARES members in your group is: 25
Change since last month: 1 +
Name of your Local ARES Net: SCARC/CARES
Net Frequency: 444.875 + PL 100
Day of the week: Monday
Time of the Net: 9 PML
Total of Nets this month: 4
Drills, Tests and Training sessions: 6

Drills, Tests and Training Man Hours: 68
Public Service Events: 0
Public Service Man Hours: 0
Emergency Operations: 0
Emergency Operations Man Hours: 0
Misc Activities: 2
Misc man hours: 3
Comments: Four Monday nets, one general meeting, and one county CERT training for a total of 68 man hours. Next month, our team will be teaching Clayton CERT group on the CERT communication course.


Georgia ARES monthly report for March, 2012

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Reported by: Clayton/Henry County EC, Roy Baker, AJ4GT

Total number of ARES members in your group is: 31
Change since last month: 1 +
Name of your Local ARES Net: CARES/SCARC
Net Frequency: 444.875 + 100
Day of the week: Monday
Time of the Net: 9 PM Local
Total of Nets this month: 4
Drills, Tests and Training sessions: 5
Drills, Tests and Training Man Hours: 57
Public Service Events: 0
Public Service Man Hours: 0
Emergency Operations: 1
Emergency Operations Man Hours: 49
Misc Activities: 3
Misc man hours: 6

Comments: One Skywarn Net – Four Weekly Nets – One General Meeting – 3 operational and planing sessions. We plan to operate the Piedmont-Henry Radio station during the WIPPTREX as backup for for Newton County. It will be operated for the Georgia QSO Party and May 10th for the Hospital Drill for region F.


Notes from the Desk Of the EC…

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Just a few days ago, the person that help started the Clayton Amateur Radio Emergency Service Inc. also known as The Southern Crescent Amateur Radio Club passed away. Don Grant, over thirty years ago, passed messages from the Gulf coast hurricane area to the Civil Defense agencies here in Atlanta. Later Clayton County asked him to set up a RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) group for the county. From that moment to now, Ham Radio has grown with many new ways to communicate, new rules, new frequencies, and new modes. Our club has changed as well. We have joined ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) with MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) working with Georgia Emergency Management Service, the National Weather Service, Salvation Army, Georgia Baptist Radio Services and many other State and National agencies.


Clayton County EOC has been the main operation center for years. New Hams from Henry county joined us and a need to expand our area of coverage was noted. Henry had no operational ARES group. With the help from the State ARES managers, Clayton and Henry County became one Emergency Coordinator area served by our ARES group.


Since that time we have worked with The Departments of Health District 3.3 and 4 helping on several POD (Points of Distribution). This includes helping our neighbors like Newton, Butts, and South Fulton counties.


The station at the Piedmont Henry Hospital is operational. The station has multifunction capabilities from HF to UHF. From analog and many of the digital modes which include MT63, PSK, SSTV RTTY and CW it will provide any type of contact needed in this fast paced world. The Hospital also houses the analog and D-Star repeaters. This will be one of the best stations in this south metro area.


Our goals are big for this upcoming year. Plans include several tech days. These days will include such topics as building and understanding electronic circuits and antennas. This will also include soldering, electrical safety, and operational procedures. Operational drill to have fun includes Field Day, School contest, Fox hunts, and SET (simulated Emergency Test). Ham Crams have been successful and we plan to have more. VE testing will continue with even classes in understanding the test material.


For our club to go forward, we need be active. Others that may think we are just untrained CB operators that just get in the way are going to be shown they are wrong. Hams are the trained radio operators that have fun making new friends all over the world and can be professional enough to help communities in distress.

Roy Baker – AJ4GT

EC Clayton/Henry County


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